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Neuropsychiatric mutations delineate functional brain connectivity dimensions contributing to autism and schizophrenia

16p11.2 and 22q11.2 Copy Number Variants may represent mechanistic building blocks shared across idiopathic conditions.

Differential effects of deletions and duplications on autism risk across the genome

Autism risk conferred by duplications is less influenced by IQ compared to deletions. CNVs increase autism risk similarly in individuals with high and low IQ.

Developmental trajectories of neuroanatomical alterations associated with the 16p11.2 Copy Number Variations

All large effect-size voxel-based differences are present at 4.5 years and seem to remain stable until the age of 23.


Sebastien Jacquemont

Lab director - Geneticist

Guillaume Huguet

Research associate

Clara Moreau

Postdoc - Neuroimaging

Laura Peyras


CNV prediction

This tool was created to help clinicians estimate the potential impact of deletions in the genome (hg19 genomic map) on cognition based on the results of Huguet et al. (JAMA psychiatry 2018).

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